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For these lottery winners,. who discover that millions of dollars can be a curse.As a group, these big lottery winners offer a rich vein of sociological insight.BY Nicole Bitette. Nearly 70% of lottery winners end up broke within seven years.

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Drugs, deceit, death: How the 'lottery curse' can destroy

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This author is a sour grape.The stories of lottery winners who keep their winnings are actually far greater than the small percentage who lose it all.The Curse of The Lottery: 5 Winners and Their Demise. Marina. there are multiple other stories similar to.

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Winning Lottery Numbers: What a Curse Believe it or not, many people regret ever having winning lottery numbers.

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Couple Wins R43 Million And Everything Falls Apart. no matter how many horror stories I hear, or talk of this.

Since winning the Powerball jackpot 18 months ago, Brian and Mary Lohse have poured millions into their community.

The Lottery Curse Strikes Again – Couple Wins R43 Million

Lotto Winner Death Furthers Lottery Curse Myth, Lawyer Says Fraud Charges Weighed Heavily On Amanda Clayton.How to win the lottery: Winning lotto strategies and free lottery tips for lotto number selection,lottery software and lottery wheeling help you win your.

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Lottery Curse. 58min. year old skeleton is unearthed of Cheryl Sheekey who disappeared after her pub quiz team syndicate won a fortune on the lottery.

The key to winning the lottery and remaining happily may simply be to first win the jackpot.Ten true stories of people who were destroyed after winning.

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Check out the stories of these lottery curse victims to see how a lottery win can turn nasty.

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Winning the lottery may seem like a dream, but many winners say that dream can quickly become a nightmare. Why some lottery winners curse their big win. Comment.

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The curse of the lottery: Why winning the Powerball could kill you The tragic stories of big jackpot winners.

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